Tricot EL / Electronic motional controller(ECAM profile, communication control)

High-speed Warp Knitting Machine EL Controller

MAX. 2,000 RPM / Generally MAX. 1,600 RPM

The pattern wheel method of the KARL MAYER's warp knitting machines or LIBA's tricot machines has been changed to the EL method. This is suitable for responding to diverse and multifarious designs, going beyond the limits of existing designs. Furthermore, it allows real-time checking of weaving designs and facilitate easy mechanical maintenance and repair.

The speed of TTS system is MAX. 2000RPM, and the control speed of original machine is classify into gauges and stitches. The MAX. RPM speed might be changed from 4 stiches in 28 gauge based on normal condition machine. In case of 3 stiches moving, the rate of weaving can reach up to 1,600 RPM.



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